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About Me

From a very early age, I have loved anything to do with art.  Through the years, I've drawn, I've painted, I've woodworked, I've made clay works and of course photography.  

In 2001, I received my BA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in photography and painting, from the University of Minnesota.  I worked in advertising sales until 2008 until the first of my three sons came into my world.  Like most first time mothers, I started photographing him like crazy.  I was asked to photograph my friends' kids and their friends' kids, etc.  I loved photographing babies and families so much that I decided to do it for a living.  I'm now in my 16th year as a photographer and still LOVE it!

Unfortunately, we can't freeze time. 

That's why I love capturing

special moments in our lives.   

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Dellwood, MN 55110

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